And relax…

So, 30 hours after setting off, we were picked up by Wally at Cairns airport. Wally had been to the UK in 1986, and knew that Tunbridge Wells (where we told him we came from) was near Farringdon.  He also knew the most popular owl in the UK – the tea towel…you get the picture and a more appropriately named individual you’d struggle to find.

The flights were all pretty good. Slightly choppy overnight as we flew down the coast of Indonesia, but nothing major. Shared the Dubai-Brisbane leg with Phil Spencer from the telly, who had to be helped back to his seat by the crew after getting totally trolled in the bar! Kids managed some good sleep on the plane, but by the time we got here were seriously flagging.

Jo had arranged some chocolate in the room for O’s birthday and his grin was a mile wide when he opened his GoPro; he didn’t expect it, but he’s looking forward to trying it out on Saturday.

The Shangri-La is nice enough, but fairly tired. Not quite up to the brand image. Pool was used yesterday to try out the various snorkelling gear ahead of Green Island, and everything seems to work well. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We ended up in the Waterbar & Grill under the hotel last night for boy vs ribs – ribs won!

Bedtime was 7.30pm for all, and despite a bit of noise from the bars around midnight, a good night’s sleep was had by all.  I’m writing this on Saturday morning at 5.30 am, body clock still adjusting.  We’re off to Green Island this morning, on a turtle hunt!

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