Into the Daintree

So a quieter day today as we drove up from Cairns to Silky Oaks Lodge, outside Mossman. I was expecting fairly basic conditions, but was blown away by our treehouse. 

Opening out onto the rainforest, with all the sights and sounds you’d expect, a really nice room with comfy beds for us and the kids. A large terrace with a day bed outside. The bath looks out onto another small balcony overlooking the forest. 
We went for a guided walk, lasting about an hour and a half, which was an interesting education on the different plants, how they survive, the animals of the forest (surprisingly few of which can kill you!) and local aboriginal history. The highlight of the walk was spotting the little green fellow below. 

White lipped tree frog

After the kids had swum in the pool, we had dinner in the restaurant, which was to a very high standard. 

On the way up this morning, we stopped at Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, where the kids had a swim behind the stinger nets. 

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

The water was unfeasibly warm – like a bath. Certainly not the refreshing coolness you need in 32 degree heat and high humidity!  After a quick (average) lunch at the life saving club, we headed up to Silky Oaks. 
At the point of writing, we haven’t managed to spot one of the local amethyst pythons, but still looking! Silky Oaks is definitely a hidden gem – wish we had more than a couple of nights to spend here!!

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