Christmas Eve on Hayman

Christmas Eve was our first full day on Hayman. We investigated the various pools and bars, and although there was some cloud cover it was still very hot and needed full slip slap slopping!

O was desperate to get out on a jet ski, so we booked up for an afternoon tour. I wasn’t at all looking forward to it, but agreed to go along for the ride. We had a jetski to ourselves, with an instructor alongside.


Off we go……for a few minutes

It was pretty easy operating the switches for forward and backwards, not many controls to master.  Heading out of the harbour was a breeze…..until we hit the waves! The idea was to zigzag out behind the instructor to Langford Island, about a kilometre away. But the minute we hit wash, we were all over the place and my nerve totally went – so arm up, escorted back to the harbour! The instructor took O out for a burn on the back of his, while I sat back on dry land.  O loved it, but not enough to take a hand off to shoot with his GoPro!! He came back soaked through from the spray.

We spent the rest of the day by the pool, so not much else to report.  Dinner was a dodgy set menu in the Italian restaurant, which for various reasons ended up being free!

And then some room decorating before the kids disappeared off to bed to wait for Santa…..

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