Post Christmas lull…

So after a busy Christmas day, the next few days were spent largely by the pools.

On Boxing Day, we took a hike (which was a lot harder than expected climbing over the steep hill behind the hotel) to Blue Pearl Bay for some snorkelling. Although straight off the beach was pretty much all rocky, once you were 50 metres off shore the coral garden was amazing.


Clams – around 20cms long


Lined Butterflyfish

None of has had quite prepared for an hour’s hike in each direction in hot sunshine, but in the end we made it back to the air conditioning and then the poolside bar.

The rest of the day was spent lying in a poolside cabana, with dinner in the Aquazure tapas bar.

The 27th was spent pretty much the same way. Some threatened wind meant that the planned snorkel trip to Langford reef was cancelled, which was a shame as the weather was never actually that bad. Dinner in the Italian, Amici, packing and bed.

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