Bondi to Coogee

First, an answer to yesterday’s question – the US Coast Guard ship we saw in harbour is the Polar Star (WAGC-10), an ice breaker, so presumably in port here on the way to the Antarctic.

So the 37 degree day didn’t really materialise, although I suspect the temperature was in the low 30’s. There was cloud cover pretty much all day, but still hot and sweaty!


Cloudy start at Bondi

Bondi was still absolutely packed and the waves were strong despite the lack of wind. Only a narrow strip between the flags again today.  The kids bought some Bondi t-shirts and we had an hour on the beach – although the water temperature can be guessed from the expression on O’s face…..

Around 12 we left to walk round the Eastern Beaches coastal path, through Bronte and Tamarama to Coogee.  Around about an hour and a half later, a slow meander and 10,000 steps achieved for the day, we made it round to Coogee. The waves there were also fairly slow, although there were a few successful surfers.

Back round the city on the bus back to the hotel, with a pitstop in Pandora and a local sports shop – a koala and turtle charm purchased in the first, a new Wallaby rugby ball for O and a Sydney Swans shirt for me in the latter!

Later on, dinner booked on McMahon’s Point, followed no doubt by a walk through Luna Park and the funfair…..

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